Harmony, 1 year 1/2
Bribear Harmony Aura

British Shorthair (BRI)

DOB : 31 May 2014, in Russia.

Color blue

Tested negativ : PKD, HCM (echo in Jan 2016). Genetic identity.

Blood Group : A or AB non carrying b

Pedigree Harmony

Harmony Conformite

Harmony LOOF Champion title

Harmony LOOF Double Champion title

Harmony LOOF Triple Champion title

TICA Champion title

TICA Double Champion title

TICA Grand Double Champion title

Harmony, well carrying her name, is a model of roundness, an angel of softness,  calm, patience and tenderness. Only happiness ! Every thing in her is beautiful, her dimensions, her hair, her clear color, her intense orange eyes, her bone structure…


Océane, 12 semaines

Océane des Gummis en Sucre

British Shorthair (BRI)

Harmony and Utrillo’s daughter, born at the cattery, on may the 7th of 2018.

Color : blue and white, carrying chocolate, not carrying  longhair (N/N).

Tested negative : PKD, FIV-FeLV (coming), HCM (cardiac echo coming).

Genetically identified, relationship compatible verified, Blood group Nb (A carrying b).

Pedigree LOOF Océane

Océane, strong, round, with her mother’s thick hair, talkative like her dad, curious of every thing, found of eating as 10 British gathered, promising  to be well balanced, physically and in her head as well. Very found of laser ray !


Mlada Golden Scroll*ru

British Shorthair (BRI)

Born the 5th of november 2017, in Russia

Coulour : lilas, carrying cinnamon and longhair.

Tested négative : PKD, FIV-FeLV, HCM (by cardiac echography in March 2018).

Blood group Ab (A carrying b) , genetically identified.

Mlada, renamed Yumi, with her doll head and her grouchy air, is a tender heart, extremely attractive and moving.

Pedigree WCF Mlada

Pedigree LOOF Mlada


Mela of perla Poludnia*pl

British Shorthair (BRI)

Born on the 23rd of october 2017, in Poland.

Coulour : lilas, carrying longhair.

Tested negative : PKD, FIV-FeLV, HCM (by cardiac echography in March 2018).

Blood group B (bb), genetically identified.

Mela, always in good mood,  overflows with affection, purring and cuddles. She loves everybody, cats and humans, how not to love her back.

Pedigree FIFE Mela

Pedigree LOOF Mela



Odyssée Gummi Céleste

Odyssée, 11 semaines

87,5 % British Shorthair

Registered at RF of LOOF (line of descend register).

Nyx and Umberto’s daughter, born at the cattery, on the 16 of may 2018.

Colour : Black tortie (locket = white locket),  carrying cinnamon,  dilution and longhair.

Tested negative : PKD, (FIV, FeLV and HCM to come) . Earing test (PEA august 2018) : perfect.  Genetically identified, blood group Nb (A carrying b) et filiation verified compatible.

F3 (3rd generation for the plan introducing blue eyes into colors without white,  into British breed).

To know more about “projet céleste” cliquez ici and on généalogie cliquez ici. this program was Sophie Guittonneau (chatterie d’Aerlin) initiative, in collaboration with  Ghislaine Michel-Paulsen (chatterie de Virvarnon), Martine Salomon (Chatterie des Joyaux de Millau) and  Vanessa Marmolejo (chatterie of lazycat Company); supervised by Alyse Brisson (féline judge and author of books about colours genetic) and genetically supervised by Marie Abitbol and Lucie Chevallier (geneticians of veterinary Lyon’s and Maisons Alfort’s Schools). This program is approved by LOOF on a trial basis (Registry of genealogy, without belonging to an official breed for the moment, that is the purpose to reach at the F4 or F5 generation).

Odyssée, cuddly girl,  like her mother,  even coming when you don’t call her, is a purring specialist never ending, holding you with her paws for never ending hugs. As charming as her markings are original.


Orchidée Noire d’Aerlin

87,5% British shorthair

Registered at RF of LOOF (line of descend register).

Born the 19th of  august 2018.

Colour : Black (locket = whith locket),  carrying cinnamon and longhair,  with odd eyes (gold and blue).

Tested negative : PKD, (FIV, FeLV and HCM to come) . Earing test (PEA dec 2018) : perfect. genetically identified, blood group Nb (A carrying b) and filiation verified F3 (3rd generation for the plan introducing blue eyes into colors without white,  into British breed).

Orchidée is as lively as an electron, eating papers more than reading them, very responsive face doing something stupid or cuddles. But how not to melt in front of such a fascinating look.




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