Terms and conditions

General terms of kitten sale

Our kittens, intended for “company” will leave home sterilized , at the age of 3 months.
However in certain cases we shall agree to sell for reproduction.
Do not hesitate to announce us your choice.

Kittens will be wormed, inoculated, identified (by chip), and, naturally, socialized (been used to be manipulated and familiarized with the the everyday life noises.




They will be accompanied with the following documents:

– A health record: up to date of his first injection and of his booster shot of vaccines Head cold, Typhoid, Chlamydiose and Leucose.
– A certificate of good health of less than 5 days, established by the veterinarian.
– Pedigree LOOF
– An Index card of identification chip
– A Sale contract
– A Datasheet on the British, advices of maintenance and some good addresses.

  A Kitten kit Royal Canin (croquettes, dish, kitten book)
  A CD with his first photos
  Copy of parent’s tests :  ADN, PKD, FIV, FeLV.

Whithout forgetting his cuddly toy marked by his mother odour.

Retail price (20% de TVA included) :

1350€ (for pet) and from 1500€ (for breeding, consult me please).

When you visit us, on rendez-vous, that permit us to meet, if you have a heartbreaking for a kitten, we fill an order, you pay a deposit (500€) and then the kitten is reserved for you. The balance has to be paid at the departure of the kitten.

We are attentive, ready to answer questions and keen on receiving news and pictures of our kitten after their departure, to follow their evolution and because we gave them a lot of love.

Average annual maintenance cost :

British Shorthair and longhair are rustic and robust cats. Estimation of average duration of life is between 10 and 15 years old.

the estimation of annual maintenance cost is (estimation LOOF) between 400 and  600€, cost included food, litter, anti-parasites, and annual visit to the veterinary with booster shot vaccines. In this average annual cost are not included  other costs to take care of your animal if this one is victim of an accident or contracts diseases.


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